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Another Accolade for Stonewood!

April 20, 2016

For the third year in a row, Stonewood Construction was declared "Winner" of the Favorite Home Remodeling Contractor in the Register Guard's Reader's Choice Awards.  We deeply appreciate the support of our community and will continue to strive to live up to the honor of the award.FullSizeRender.jpg

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Guest Comments

You're definitely my favorite Home Remodeling Contractor!!! Now I just need to find a home for you to remodel. Having worked with you on another project, and having witnessed the way you conduct yourself in your community of business peers, I know you and your extended team only operate by the highest standards. I'm looking forward to watching your continued success and growth, Josh.

Here's to another productive and prosperous season, and more accolades to come!

-Kim Stone of KimDesign

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