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A Custom Home in the Country

June 12, 2012

After months of planning and pre-construction work, we broke ground on a Custom Home on a 5 acre parcel not far from the heart of Eugene. The site of the new home was very recently the site of a humble farmhouse that the owners have used as an income property for a number of years.

After exploring remodeling the existing home, it became clear that the old house had too many problems to correct before adding on so the owner made arrangements with the Lane County Rural Fire District 1 to perform a test-burn on the old farmhouse. On Saturday, June 9th, nearly 50 firefighters and trainees showed up to practice their art on a real burning home and put on quite a show on a sleepy little road off Lorane Highway. After truly setting the home ablaze around 1:30 PM, there was little left by time we arrived at 3:30.

With the wood elements of the old home reduced to ashes, we’re not fooling around. The excavation crew moved in this morning and will dispose of the little remaining material and break up the old foundation to use as solid, clean backfill. Stay tuned for more play by play as we aim toward completion of this extraordinary home by December.

(6/22/12) No messing around here. We set up the forms last week and poured the footings on Monday, 6/18. After stripping forms, the Masons moved in on Wednesday to commence with the Split Face Concrete Block foundation.


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