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Our New Client Portal

April 20, 2016

We hope you're as thrilled as we are with the new look to our website.  We think the new design befits the quality of our work in our clients homes, but we're particularly thrilled with the interactive back end to our site. 

For as long as we've been in business, we've prided ourselves on our commitment to clear and full communication with our clients through their projects.  While we've always communicated well, we've found that it's been sometimes difficult to keep track of all the different lines of communication.  We were emailing to work and personal email addresses. We were texting and calling.  We were faxing and snail-mailing.  AND, "we" are made up of a team of folks all working on different elements of the same project.  You might guess, as the business continues to grow and the parties multiply, that all of this information from all of these different sources was becoming tricky to keep track of.  When we took the opportunity to build the new version of the website, we decided to create a single location in which all the parties (Client, Estimator, Project Supervisor, Bookkeeper) can track the communication around a project and built a venue for a Project Page on our website for each Project.

Once we agree to work together on your project, we'll create a Project Page on our website and email you an invitation and login credential to join the site and gain access to your Project Page.  On your Project Page, there will be four different categories of Project Communication. In "Estimates & Specs", we'll discuss, link, and upload revised versions of your Estimate and Specifications Worksheet.  In "Billing Worksheets and Invoices" we'll have a venue to upload our bi-monthly progress based invoices and any necessary Change Orders.  The "Plans and Engineering" category will afford us a landing spot for formal construction drawings, structural engineering details and even cabinetry layouts or cocktail napkin sketches.  Finally, the "Contracts" page will hold the formal, signed documents regarding the project.

Since all of us will have access to and be notified of updates to your Project Page, we'll have a much easier time managing all the tiny details that come together to make a successful project.  We'd love for you to join the club and get your own Project Page!


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